Benefits of raw onions


Packed with antioxidants and low calories 

One medium size onion has just 44cal.onions

Contain vitamin minerals  such as Potassium

Antioxidants help stem cellular damage and beneficial in treating various disease. 

They also help us maintain a youthful look studies

Have shown that onions contain over 25 varieties of flavonoid antioxidants red onion contain anthocyanins  said to reduce the risk Of heart disease and even cancer in humans.

Anti inflammatory properties

Onions contain high doses of compounds like auercetin and fisetin that fight inflammation  and reduce bad cholesterol levels and protect the blood from clotting.

They help to regulate high blood pressure onions also have antibacterial properties that enable them to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria like e coli pseudomonas and among others.

Onions are rich in vitamin 

A rich source of vitamin onions help build immunity and produce collagen in the body apart from aiding tissue repair and iron absorption additionally onions contain a range of b vitamins  including folate b9 and pyridoxine b6 both of these help boost metabolism which is why onions help with weight loss produce Redboodcell and help nerve function 

Contain anti cancerous compounds

Regular and modulated intake of onions and also garlic have been shown to lower risk of certain types of cancers such stomach and colorectal  as per various studies.this is because of the presence of sulphur compounds and flavonoid antioxidants in them these same compounds also give onion the power to regulate blood sugar levels in the body.

Good for the stomach

Onions are a good source fibre and previous essential for optimal gut health.they help the good gut bacteria to create fatty acids that strengthen the gut by adding digestion and reducing intestinal inflammation previous also help the body absorb calcium.

Eat onion for a great sex life

Regular intake of onions can enhance one's libido as it can help increase your body's glutathione content an antioxidants  essential for enhancing male female fertility studies also suggest it helps improve sperm quality in men.

Onion for a lustrous mane

The sulphur content in onion can prevent thinning and breaking of hair onion extract can help keep the scalp free from infections.mix the juice of one onion to any carrier oil and massage  onto the scalp to help increase hair growth and get rid of dandruff and lice.

Did you know

The flavonoids in onions are usually concentrated towards the more pinkish outer layers this is why one must select young and fresh onions when buying them. Then one needs to peel only the thin dry outer layer peeling more layers can result in loss of vitamins and minerals an estimated 20percent of auercetin and almost 75 percent anthocyanins would be lost if a red onion is over peeled.a mixture of equal portions of onion juice honey can bring down fever common cold and even allergies caused by  seasonal changes and pollen.keeping a piece of cut onion under the nostrils and inhaling deeply will stop nose bleed raw onions also contain folate which helps one sleep better it also regulates appetite and cure depression also chewing raw onions help eliminate tooth decay and keeps gum issues at bay.

Here the cons 

When not to eat onions

Those suffering from skin diseases such as eczema intestinal distension and other skin related ailments might find that their condition aggravates and the irritation increases when the skin comes in contact with onion juice.if you have a stomach ache after eating raw onions or get rashes and itching sensation consult a doctor.