Do you have a strong desire for a late night snack but you want to avoid gaining weight so you want to avoid gaining weight so you just resist the temptation  many feel Hungry  again after having dinner  and its probably due to odd work hours boredom  stress or if they have had a light or early dinner as per dietitian and nutrit ionisation if you snack wisely you will not gain weight she suggested some guilt free snacks that you can have  late at night.


Berries are loaded with fibre and that helps you feel full they also contain magnesium a mineral that relaxes the nerves and muscles. 

Peanut butter sandwich 

Peanut butter contains tryptophan that gets converted in the brain to melatonin to promote  sleepless  and carbohydrates like bread are needed alongside to make tryptophan  more available to the brain hence a peanut butter sandwich is an ideal night time snack and its nutritious too

Whole grain  crackers

When you're carving for something savoury and crunchy at night this can come in handy but make sure the whole grain crackers are unsalted.


If you would like to have something crunchy  go for some Popcorn it's a high fibre snack that will keep you full until the next meal.leave off the butter and salt and replace them with heart healthy fats like olive oil or fresh fact three cups of air popped Popcorn contain less than hundred calories  and roughly four grams fibre.


Nuts like walnuts and almonds contain natural  melatonin protein and magnesium a handful of nuts will satiate appetite and induce sleepiness.

Carrot and hummus

If you're craving for something crunchy low calorie and filling fresh carrots with hummus are absolutely perfect.

Roasted grams

They are crunchy  nutrient dense loess calorie snacks Roasted grams are high in proteins fibre vitamins and minerals which makes them a healthier alternative to salty snacks like potato chips.

Low day turmeric milk

While this is not really a snack it will surely make you feel full at night before you sleep.milk is a rich source of nutrients like calcium phosphorus vitamin B potassium and vitamin D adding turmeric to milk enables your body to relax. It has a calming effect and leads to a good night sleep.

How to start workout again after a long break 

While the covid pandemic has motivated many to be productive and become healthier version's of themselves now howeover you want to start working out again and find yourself clueless as to where to start.we get you  hear you and have your back.whether it's a gym plan you're going for a nighttime workout routine we've got you covered.

Here are the 5 tips to start workout again after a break 


The first thing that you might want to do before you dive back into your fitness grind is to plan out what your routine will be like

Doing too much can be overwhelming so take one step at a time. If you want to work out in a gym make sure you do your research and book one in time adding gym gear to your home workout collection might also seem like a good idea as it'll help you socially distance yourself you plan do make sure to think about habits goals and schedule and go from there.

Beginners  exercises

Understand that you aren't going to be as fit as you were before and you need to take it slow here have your basic down and start with warming up your body stretching and yoga are the best options to do that stretching is important when you're getting back into a fitness routine. this will not only help you get going but also prevent muscle fatigue and fitness injuries. 

Rest days are as important 

Taking days off exercising is perhaps as important as stretching if not more helping your body get used repair and replenish. Here's when a bottle of lavender essential oil sleeping sprays and a good pillow are in order.

Healthy diet

Gone are the days when Dieting meant eating less. We're now well aware that it's about eating right having a well balanced diet catering to what you need is important to not only staying fit but for your exercising plan as well.while is important to have those fun cheat days as well its great to have a diet plan you don't need to cheat on.dry fruits  greentea and dark chocolate are healthy and easy options you can go for.while you do that remember to not get lost in the world of protein and have nutrients  catalyse the breakdown of your food.

Set goals and rewards

When settings  goals be realistic and make it easier  in the start to help you ease in.challenge yourself to make working out a habit and part of your daily habits having it broken down into smaller time frame then make sure to reward yourself say with a pair of sneakers you have bneen eyeing for so long or nutritive snacks when you reach your goals.we hope these tips help you restart your workout journey with just 20 minutes a day you can see a change.

5 signs you should know about burnout 

A years ago I joined a new workplace I was driven by excitements passion and ambition in equal parts however over time I was unable to muster up the energy to do my day to day duties it stemmed from the fact that I had been overworked for months at a stretch even working on weekends without rest we were 24x7 at the disposal of the firm and our clients saying  yes to every project that came our way. So it wasn't too long before my exhaustion gave way to cynicism and I found demotivated to perform my tas

Our once joyful faces had been replaced by persistent lyrics stressed expression that's when I stumbled upon the concept of burnout when you're  stuck in a job chances are you're probably on your way to burnout.

Here the five signs that show you might be experiencing burnout 

Always exhausted 

One of the first observable signs of burnout is perennial exhaustion  while it is normal to feel exhausted from time to time if it becomes  a constant state for you chances are you're not addressing certain issues causing you to feel this way.


Are there things that you once enjoyed doing but just can't get yourself  to do them anymore a strong sense of demotivation usually accompanies burnout.

Bad lifestyle habits 

Some times when stress at work gets to us we resort to various coping mechanism like binging on junk food coffee alcohol and even narcotic substance  naturally our sleep pattern gets impacted as well the influence of stress on poor lifestyle habits is grave and should be carefully considered. 


You find yourself  to be more comfortable when alone after all you feel like no one else can really relate to you anymore or you just want to avoid all social contact. This can often lead to you being angry and irritated when someone tries to communicate with you.this happens because socialising now makes you anxious.

Pessimism an self-doubt 

Do you have constantly negative self talk going on when it comes to your work looking forward to the weekend is normal.but if somehow you feel the only time you can escape these  negative thoughts that are pessimistic I'm mature are on the weekends then there are chances that your work might be causing you to be burnt out.if your work isn't fulfilling and you feel that you associate with are related to low productivity and poor performance then its time to consider having a conversation with  yourself about your long term goals and the benefits of staying at your current job.

The best solutions for burnout is to take brake of hectic schedule for a few days don't fall into trap.