A panic attack will inevitably experience unique for unique people but throughout a panic attack the symptoms and symptoms can constructing up very quickly in line with highbrow health charity mind symptoms and symptoms can include.

A pounding or racing heartbeat 

Feeling dizzy or moderate hearted 

Feeling very hot or very cold sweating  trembling  or shaking

Struggling to breathe  or feeling like you're choking

Feeling like your legs are shaky or are turning to jelly 

Feeling disconnected from your mind body or surrounding  which are types of dissociation. 

During a panic attack you might feel very afraid going to die.

What causes a panic attack? 

Because everyone experience anxiety in different  ways it's hard to pinpoint exactly what causes them.it may be that there are several  reasons why someone might experience a panic attack

Here are some of them.

Past or childhood experience 

Your current life situation 

Physical and mental health problems 

Drugs and medication 

How to deal with the attacks? 

Living with anxiety and panic attacks can be very difficult  but there are several ways you can help manage it during panic attack it may help.

Focus on your breathing 

Try concentrating on breathing in and out while counting to five.

Stamp on the spot

This may help control your breathing 

Focus on your senses 

You could focus on the flavour of your chewing gum or feel something soft.

Try grounding  techniques 

This may help you feel more in control if you've already had a panic attack it's important to pay attention to what your body  needs. 

Treatment for panic attacks 

Another  thing you could do is to try any mental health app.seeking help if you think you are experiencing panic attack so is really important and apps are a great tools to help if you have the signs and symptoms of panic attacks. 

5 simple ways to give your brain a daily workout.

If things have started to feel monotonous and mundane around you chance are you're not alone whether you're an extrovert introvert the prolonged nature of being indoors for months on end can start affecting your mental health.as harrowing an experience as this might be the good news is that dullness can be dealt with. think of it like a workout when we begin working out our muscles we start lesser weights with the purpose of learning movements and eventually reaping the benefits with sustained efforts how over there are certain simple habits that we can develop to help keep our brains sharp.

1.Reading something daily.

The importance of reading cannot be reiterated enough most people would be left petrified at the prospect of finishing and entire book after all its a habit that's long lost for most and they cannot be blamed either as we're bombarded by new information all the time thanks to net.

however if we break down this practice to a few pages chapters or even paragraphs a day we instill discipline and focus within ourselves pick a genre you'd be interested in and go a head sooner or later your mind would be a book richer.


Take a notebook and a pen or open your notepad app and start writing down the thoughts that pops into your head you don't need to sit back and read it immediately. When revisited over a period of time it helps you mind priorities recurring themes and ideas it can be an opportunity for some much required healthy self talk and affirmations.

3.Take up a new hobby

Massively underrated new hobbie site force your brain to look novel solutions when old hobbies stop exciting you. learning how to sketch picking up gardening a new dance style or even an instrument can format fresh neutral pathways within your brain this in turn keeps your mind healthy.


We've long had a lovely hate relationship with meditation often finding ourselves distracted by phone notification or other distraction that our lifestyle bring. however that is exactly why meditation is paramount constantly distracted and inattentive our ability to focus weans over the long haul start with a minute as your target or even less if it seems unattainable. Nowadays there are several guided meditation so available online that can make the process easier for you.


An essential lesson the pandemic taught us is the important of social interaction catch up regularly with friends and family and share the ordinary as well as the exciting parts of your life with them.as social beings isolation can really dull us down reach out and reconnect safely.

Sometimes your brain and mental state can be mirrors to your lifestyle choices with the past couple of years forcing us into consistently panicked it is understandable if you feel different from before a positive focus on a brighter future can inspire you to kick-start the gears in your life.

Solution to reduce alzheimer s risk

A diet rich in bright fruits and vegetables like grapefruit carrots and sweets potatoes could cut the risk of alzheimers by more than a third a study suggests Tracking old people found those who ate most yellow and orange fruit and vegetables were 38 percent less likely to suffer mental decline the protection was equivalent to being three to four years younger.

A high intake of blueberries and cherries were associated with a 24 percent reduced risk while an apple or apple handful of strawberries cut risk by 20 percent. Compounds called flavonoids are responsible particularly flavours and anthocyanins yellow and orange plant foods are high in flavour darker ones such as blueberries are high in anthocyanins.

There is evidence suggests flavonoids are powerhouses when it comes to preventing your thinking skills from declining as you gets older. flavours and anthocyanins as the most beneficial types of flavonoids. Parsley oregano saffron dill fennel cloves and thyme are also good source of them.

How to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a leading cause of many heart disease it occurs when the force of blood against the artery walls is too high blood pressure below one twenty/80mm have is considered to be normal anything more than can indicate a high blood pressure and depending on how high your BP levels are and need treatment.

Here are the few symptoms

High blood pressure is a silent. Killer
Warning signs of high blood pressure levels
Headaches and nosebleeds
Shortness of breath

How to lower blood pressure levels

As per physical activity is the key to keeping your blood pressure in check doing to maintain a healthy weight and also reduces your blood pressure levels further lowering your risk of developing other cardio diseases

Other than that following the right diet is extremely important limit your sugar and crabs intake and keep a watch on the amount of calories you consume say no to excess sodium consumption and cut back on processes food.Mange your stress levels with yoga and meditation and make sure you get sufficient sleep.
This are for information educational purposes only..